Tickets and Shows!

Last night’s Protomen/I Fight Dragons show was spectacular! We have more to come this weekend with Youth Lagoon/Young Magic/Robes and Marti Jones/Don Dixon/Chris Stamey.

Just to clear up any confusion: these shows are NOT sold out (yet 🙂 ). If a show is sold out, we will make that COMPLETELY CLEAR (ALL CAPS! Eleventy!). When advanced tickets are over (usually several hours before the show, sometimes the day before the show), you will see “Sales Ended”. That does not mean the show is sold out. It just means you have to buy your tickets at the door for that show.

Also note that our Garage Bar is open and that for most “large” shows, we will have patrons enter via the Garage. We have ticket sales (box office) set up at the garage bar and then you enter via the bathroom hallway. Also, sometimes we will have 2 shows going on at once! Yes – it’s like we’re 2 venues glued together! We will do our best to clarify (via website, facebook, twitter, posters, etc.) where a show is being held, in the Garage or the Showroom.

So come out and enjoy some quality live music. Hope to see you all at a show very soon – or just stop by and enjoy a beverage and some foosball, ping pong or playstation at our bar. Make that bars plural!