Motorco has a very large parking lot, right next to the Motorco Garage Bar.

Even if you didn’t buy a Reserve Parking Pass with your online ticket, parking in our lot can still be free – if spaces are available. Redeem the $3 parking card for full value at MOTORCO or FULLSTEAM BREWERY. It’s just like a validation for parking except we reverse the order.

motorco parking

Enter the lot from the north-west corner on Geer Street. Our friendly parking lot attendant will take a little bit of money ($3) and give you a card with today’s date stamped on it. This card is fully redeemable at Motorco. You use it just like $3 in cash for drinks, snacks, most tickets or our fabulous T-shirts! Our friends across the street at Fullsteam will also redeem the coupon on purchases at their brewery. Otherwise, you’re welcome to park but it’ll cost you $3. And yes, we can only accept credit or debit cards!

Also when we have large ticketed shows or events we will reserve a number of spaces for advance ticket buyers. The cost is an additional amount on the ticket price – a stupendous deal that assures you of safe and super-convenient parking – so buy your tickets early. Just show your ticket – either printed or on a smart phone – to the same friendly parking attendant and he or she will not charge you the $3 (but you also will not get a coupon). The extra charge is added to the ticket price and processed when you buy online or at the bar during business hours. Buy at the bar and save that pesky internet service fee.

Sundays the lot is not normally attended so it’s wide open for everyone in the neighborhood.

SUNDAY – parking lot open, no validation fee
MONDAY – $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam
TUESDAY- $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam
WEDNESDAY- $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam
THURSDAY – $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam
FRIDAY – $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam
SATURDAY – $3 parking redeemable Motorco or Fullsteam

Otherwise, there is on-street parking all over the Central Park district.

The yellow areas have all been approved courtesy of the various owners and operators of the businesses, for after hours parking. Click map below for more detail.

central park parking